Care for a drink?

Treat Yourself!
January 11, 2021
January 27, 2021


Indulge your tastebuds with some liquid sunshine! And do so in style with our assortment of
accoutrements made for any whiskey connoisseur!

This week we’re featuring the book any whiskey lover needs, The Impossible Collection of
Whiskey, an assortment of anecdotes, stories, and recipes off all of your favorite whiskey
concoctions. Just as informative as it is stunning, this book by Assouline makes for eye-catching,
informative home decor. While you’re at it swing by the Steelz web-store to grab the tools you’ll
need to dive into the world of a bartender! Tumblers, decanters, shakers and stirrers are all
available on the steelz website. Available in a variety of designs and colors you’re sure to find the
one that best matches your kitchen design scheme!